Qualified Surveyors
Edward P Carlson Surveyors have been established since 2010.
Protecting your investment
We are professional and qualified surveyors. This ensures you get the best service possible without the hassle.
A Team Who Cares
You can be confident in our Chartered Surveyors as we have many years of experience of residential and commercial surveys.
Complete Peace of Mind
You can be confident once Edward P Carlson have completed your survey that all aspects of your investment have been addressed.
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
All of our energy assessors are highly qualified and certified by the Government to issue an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

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EPC Certificates - Building Surveys - Thermal Imaging - Housing Disrepair Reports

Selling, renting, or renovating the property without taking a survey can be a costly mistake. It’s essential to have the assistance of qualified surveyors to get factual and detailed information about the property you’re planning to invest in. At Edward P. Carlson, we have been conducting quality surveys since 2010. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and factual reports to our clients that help them to make informed decisions about their investments.

Why should you choose us? With over 13 years of experience in the field, we deeply understand what problems our clients encounter when they receive a survey that lacks quality and reliability. As our client, you can rest assured that we will tailor our surveys according to your needs and concern. Our specialist will deeply analyze every aspect of your property with the latest technology and compile a detailed report that will be easy to understand. Accompany with recommendations for easy solutions to all listed problems.

Our professional service has a lot of success stories, evidenced by the positive feedback we have received from every client. We believe in open communication and take the time to understand and address your concerns in detail. We also ensure that you have a clear understanding of the survey results. If you’re seeking professional surveyors near you, consider Edward P. Carlson. Contact us by filling out the form or calling us at 0800 158 8295 and schedule a quick meeting to discuss your concerns.

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Our Services

EPC Survey

Get a detailed inspection of the energy efficiency of your property with our services.

Make Your Property Energy Efficient

Reduce the costs of your utility bill with our professional EPC Survey solutions and take control of your property's energy efficiency.
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Building Survey

Make informed decisions with our state-of-the-art building survey services.

Inspect Your Building

Get the detailed analysis of your building with our professional building survey services.
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House Disrepair Report

Take action now and ensure your home is safe and sound - Get a housing disrepair report today!

Housing Disrepair Report

Protect your rights as a tenant or landlord by getting a professional Housing Disrepair Report from our trusted survey.
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Thermal Imaging Survey

Discover hidden inefficiencies and potential risks in your property with our Thermal Imaging survey.

Detect Hidden Issues

Find out hidden issues of your property and maximize energy efficiency with our cutting-edge Thermal Imaging Survey.
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What our Clients Say

Believe on Professional Surveyors near you!

Najeeb Hussain
Read More
Brilliant service, arranged an appointment last week on Friday, came out the same day, did the survey promised for Monday, received on Monday, and great value for money. Very professional and would recommend highly, he did come over but I wasn't at home so he waited 20 mins until I got home now that s what you call world class service10 out of 10
Manchester Abattoir
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Absolutely superb prompt service. Highly recommended!
Ibrar Muhammad
Read More
Excellent and quick service!! 👌

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