New Build Snagging Survey

What Is New Build Snagging Survey?

A new build snagging survey is the detailed inspection of a newly built property that’s conducted to discover any faults or defects, so they can be rectified before handing over the property to the owner. These can be minor cosmetic issues or major structural defects which need immediate attention. The survey includes the interior and exterior components of the building to generate a comprehensive report.

It’s beneficial in solving all necessary problems at their initial stage, where the developer is also responsible for solving them. You can save money in the long run by solving big problems as early as possible, which can be more costly in the future, and you will have peace of mind when you move into the newly built property. Therefore, It is necessary to hire a professional firm to conduct a quality new build survey.

Edward P Carlson understands your concerns and has been dealing with these surveys since 2010. We offer you a free one-to-one consultancy to address your concerns effectively. Why wait? Call 0800 158 8295 or use the form on this page to get the most reliable survey for your property.

What is New Build Snagging Survey?

What is the snagging process of a new build?

Each surveyor can have their own approach to conducting a new build survey. However, there are some general guidelines for conducting a new build survey. Here are the steps Edward P Carlson takes to ensure a comprehensive and effective report:

Consultation: After you have decided to conduct a new build survey and avail of our free consultation. We’ll listen to your requirements and concerns and try to address your questions. Then we’ll fix an appointment to conduct the snagging survey on your property.

Snagging Survey: Our qualified surveyor will visit your property and conduct a comprehensive survey by analyzing every aspect of our property to identify all potential snags and document them carefully. These issues can be cosmetic defects or structural issues, etc.

Report Compilation: After documenting all potential snags, we’ll compile a comprehensive report based on our inspector’s findings and evidence. Each problem will be described in detail, accompanied by evidence. It will help you in deciding on your moving into the property.

Reinspection(Optional): It’s an optional step that can be taken after the developer claims that they have rectified all snags highlighted in the reports. It is for the verification and the peace of mind of the owner.

Final Handover: Once all the above steps are completed, the property will be handed over to the owner and they can move in with confidence and peace of mind.

How many snags are normal on a new build?

There is no universally accepted threshold for the number of snags that can be considered normal for any newly built property. It depends on the building’s complexity, size, structure, and details. However, generally, there are snags in every newly built property that can be minor or major but can be fixed in the snagging process.

However, some minor issues can be negligible, like minor paint touchups or little scratches, etc. However, it’s necessary to document every minor or major snag to address them effectively. It’s recommended to have a new build snagging survey on every new build asset to comply with the standards and has peace of mind that your asset is free from any major defect.

New Build Snagging Survey

How much does snagging survey cost?

As per the cost for a new build snagging survey, there is no fixed amount. Its cost depends on multiple factors, including property size, complexity, location, and level of detail required in the survey. The price can also depend on the surveying company you choose for the snagging survey.

However, you must hire a reputable company for the survey to get a comprehensive and accurate analysis. That can help make decisions about your property’s health. That’s why it’s necessary to have quality instead of looking for a cheap price point.

How long is the snagging period for new builds?

The snagging is also called the “defect liability period” or “rectification period” Its time duration depends on local regulations and the specific commitments between the buyer and developer. Generally, it varies from a few weeks to 2 years after the completion or handling of the property to the owner.

During this period, the responsibility for fixing these problems lies with the developer or builder, as they are still considered responsible for the construction and health of the property. That’s why it’s necessary to have a new build survey to identify the snags on time.

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