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EPC Survey

An energy performance certificate is a legal requirement while selling and letting a property. This certificate provides an in-depth analysis of the energy efficiency of the property. To develop this certificate a epc survey is conducted by an expert energy assessor who thoroughly analyzes the property and assesses its different factors such as heating system, lighting system, loft insulation, and other relevant factors. After the analysis, the surveyor compiles a comprehensive report based on his findings, which is used later for generating an energy performance certificate.

It grades the energy efficiency of a property on a scale ranging from A to G, where A is most efficient while G is least efficient. The time duration of the survey depends on the size of the building or house undergoing the EPC survey. An EPC is unique for every property and valid for only 10 years. If you’re looking for an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), consider Edward P Carlson. We are a leading surveyor company with over 13 years of experience in the field. You can rest assured that you will get an accurate and detailed EPC survey for your property. To book an appointment, fill out the contact us form or call 0800 158 829.

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What is involved in an EPC survey?

After booking an EPC survey, our certified assessor will visit your property to conduct a comprehensive assessment. They will require access to every part of your property to evaluate energy efficiency. The assessor will gather information about the property’s lighting, heating systems, insulation, and other relevant factors. They may ask questions about the floor area, types of windows, and heating controls.

Then, they will collect data using various methods, including observations, photographs, measurements, and specialized tools. They may require to measure the thickness and type of insulation, assess the quality of windows and doors, and inspect the heating and cooling systems. It is also essential to know that approaches for commercial and domestic properties are different.

After the visit, The assessor will put the observation and the gathered data into UK government-approved energy performance software. This software will calculate the energy efficiency score of your property after analyzing the data. The software also provides recommendations to improve the energy rating. Based on all this analysis, we grade your property report from “A” (Most Efficient) to “G” (Least Efficient).


Why do you need an EPC survey?

How do you assess EPC rating?

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Najeeb Hussain
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Brilliant service, arranged an appointment last week on Friday, came out the same day, did the survey promised for Monday, received on Monday, and great value for money. Very professional and would recommend highly, he did come over but I wasn't at home so he waited 20 mins until I got home now that s what you call world class service10 out of 10
Manchester Abattoir
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Absolutely superb prompt service. Highly recommended!
Ibrar Muhammad
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Excellent and quick service!! 👌
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